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Energetic Certification

Energetic Certification

The Energy Efficiency Certificate (In Spanish, Certificado de Eficiencia Energética, CEE) is an official document that includes objective information on the energy characteristics of a home or local and whose result is an A-G energy rating.

For the elaboration of the Certificate of Energy Efficiency, the following steps must be followed::

1The qualified certifying technician moves to the building and makes a series of measurements and checks.

2The technician prepares and signs the certificate.

3Registration of the CEE in the Official Registry of the Junta de Andalucía.

4Delivery of all documentation to the client.

This certificate is mandatory since June 2013 for properties to be sold or rented. It is very important to check that the technician who prepares and signs the CEE has the appropriate qualification, such as Architecture Degree or Telecommunication Engineering and that in addition he is enrolled in the corresponding Professional Association .

Failure to comply with state regulations on energy certification may result in economic sanctions for the owner.

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